Art Therapy at Lismore Women’s Health Centre

by Liz Dowling
The Lismore Women’s Health and Resource Centre is open to women in any situation for counselling and support they may need.
I began my art therapy workshops there last May. Initially, participants expected me to ‘read’ their artwork but I explained that I facilitate their processing their feelings and cannot presume to know them as well as they know themselves.
Self-empowerment, i.e. personal decision-making and owning the responsibility which come with it, can be an exciting experience. So, in creating an artwork there is problem-solving which, as the mind ‘hands over control’ to the intuitive self, becomes so much easier and even playful.
So, our workshops embrace mindfulness and self-image, sometimes working individually and sometimes working together. The group environment has become so supportive and inspiring as people share their own wisdom with each other.
I am grateful to be working in this wonderful place with such a wonderful team.
My thanks and see you next year.
Workshops are held once a month on a Monday morning 10am-12pm.
Information from the Centre on 6621 9800 or visit 60 Uralba St Lismore.

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