Corinne Batt-Rawden

Corinne Batt-RawdenArt is a tool for self-discovery.

 Corinne is a Northern Rivers based artist who has been exhibiting for 12 years. Passionately engages people of all ages and skill levels in art workshops, helping them to achieve personal growth towards wellbeing. Numerous awards for paintings which describes as ‘expressions from within’. Painting in a variety of mediums, Corinne creates textual artworks that vibrate with life, energy and colour. Immersion in a practice of art making, provides space for internal processing and the revelations of inner knowing.

Commencing an Arts Practice became a natural response to a trauma informed psychosis at age 28. Initially, Art fulfilled the desire to be distracted from inner turmoil, whist creating a sense of purpose. Art helped make sense of the world, form identify and define a sense of place. Soothing repetitive mark making, blending, stamping and colour choices provided access to flow; the stillness creating space for self-reflection, self-inquiry and self-discovery.

After 20 years of working in various community service roles; Corinne has now dedicated a life of personal and community creative engagement. Corinne founded the ‘Serpentine Community Arts Gallery’ to provide a space for people to exhibit their works in a non-judgmental environment; putting the power into the hands of artists to exhibit the creative expressions they were inspired to create. This philosophy mirrors the theoretical frameworks of Art Therapy. Enquiring into psychology and the challenges of the human condition informs these artworks.

These works support the formation of my identity as an Art Therapist. Exploring the therapeutic benefits of mark-making informs my future practice as an Art-Therapist. Repetitive mark-making constructs patterns, a painterly fabric of externalised experiences which hold me; whilst tapping my inner knowing.

Art Corinne Batt-Rawden

This exhibition is the manifest of my work.

Diploma of Human and Community Services, Bachelor of Social Science, Graduate Certificate of Art and Community Engagement and this display of creative expressions supports my graduation of the Masters of Mental Health – Art Therapy.