Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway

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Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway

This book explains the steps you can take to stop letting fear run your life
How by committing to take these steps you can empower yourself to take on whatever challenges life may throw in our way. By understanding that our thoughts and how we perceive the world ultimately creates our reality. We can choose to take responsibility for our circumstance and our own happiness by changing our mindset.

Who should read this book

• Anyone who wants to learn how to learn how to cope with fear in an effective and enriching way
• Anyone who wants to become a more happy, positive and committed person

Who wrote this book – Susan Jeffers, PhD, is an American psychologist, public speaker and bestselling author who published many books about fear, including Feel the Fear and Beyond and Feel the Fear Guide to Lasting Love. Here’s a link

A course of action

For dealing with fears which cripple us on a daily basis. How no decision you make can ever by ‘wrong’. By taking care with your self-talk you can shape a more positive life. Also, why taking action is the key to empowering yourself and commitment is essential to overcoming fear. To overcome fear we have to learn why we are afraid in the first place. In the dark ages fear served to keep us safe and alive, so was essential. In modern times if you fear strangers and that holds you back from attending a party, fear is no longer your friend, it is actually holding you back from living your life.

There are many types of fear

Two fears that are connected to our internal mind are, fear of rejection and feel of helplessness or vulnerability. But essentially these fears boil down to us thinking that we won’t be able to cope with life’s challenges. The good news about that is that by establishing trust in our ability to cope we can overcome most fears. The way to overcome fear is to push through it. Some things to know is that whenever we experience new situations we are going to feel fear, that a given. Secondly unless we address that fear it will remain with us. Example is teaching a class, it can be terrifying but by the second or third time the fear subsides, and you can begin to enjoy it. So, by pushing through your fear you gain a greater sense of confidence and self-esteem as well as overcoming that fear.

To gain power and self-reliance we need to take action

Rather than acting like a victim of our circumstances. By taking action we empower ourselves to move towards change, which leads to a change of circumstances. Boosting your confidence in being able to take control of your life starts with your language such as ‘I won’t’ instead of ‘I can’t’. Also by expanding your comfort zone you are more able to deal with fear. When we expand our comfort zone we enhance our belief in what we are capable of – therefore our confidence levels. To do this we need to do something that makes us uncomfortable every day. By taking action to push the boundaries of your comfort zone it makes it easier to deal with new and frightening situations in the future.

To empower yourself you need to take full responsibility for your current situation in life.
There is no use in blaming someone else as your happiness levels all have to do with how you choose to feel about a situation. By looking at negative aspects of your life as learning experiences and take action to change them you take control of your life. Ultimately you are in complete control of your life. To be free of fear we need to truly learn how to give. By giving thanks for the abundance that is in your life you are able to give more freely. Such as the sun shining down on you, or a person giving you a smile. Which thoughts you choose to focus give them power. Freeing ourselves form fear of scarcity not only helps you and the people that you give to but is a giant step towards concerning fear.

Why do we worry so much when only 10% of what we worry about actually comes true.
By thinking positive about things makes more sense and increases the chances of a positive outcome. Its proven that by talking positive actually increases your strength while negative words have the opposite effect. So, by committing to positive thinking you not only empower yourself, but reduce worry, eliminate fear and enjoy your life much more. To change your life for the better you need to surround yourself with positive and action orientated people. Ultimately its better to let go of negative relationships, if they are unable to see change as positive. Its also equally as valuable to let new people who inspire and support you in your life.

If you see every choice in your life as positive you will no longer fear making decisions.
There is an assumption that there is a right choice and a wrong choice but by seeing choices as opportunities to learn about ourselves we take the fear out of it. Commit 100% to every area of your life to become less fearful. By creating life balance and being fully present and committed in all areas you live a richer and fulfilling life. It shields you from fear and makes you stronger in every way.

Learning how to manage the fear you feel in life will help you reach your goal of a happier more fulfilling life. Trust your ability to cope with anything that life throws at you. Being active and committed will empower you to overcome the negativity that hold you back from your goals.

Actionable advice
• Start thinking positively – use positive vocabulary, listen to affirmative audiobooks and surround yourself with positive people. Committing to positivity in this way empowers you and gives you confidence to worry less and enjoy life.

• Leave your comfort zone – try to do something that is out of your comfort zone every day. Even if things don’t work out you will have increased your power by trying something new and challenging. I like the old saying “everything you want is just outside your comfort zone”.

I really hope you enjoyed this book and got something out of it. It’s really a must have book for any bookcase!
Happy reading fellow knowledge seekers xx
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