Theme – Masculinity

Primal Scream - 'Initiation'

Primal Scream – ‘Initiation’

“There are various reasons why the subject of masculinity has drawn my attention enough to inspire a body of artwork. At a personal level, I’ve come to understand that there are problems in my life which are rooted in my masculine identity and their truths can only be unveiled by approaching them as such.” Chuck Mayfield

art exhibition

The show is at the BSIDE Gallery, 121 Brunswick St, Fitzroy until October 22.

This is my son’s statement as he processed these feelings by creating 10 paintings showing a sequence of realisations ‘unveiling’ themselves to him.

Last weekend I went to the opening of this exhibition in Melbourne. It was packed with people and the energy was high. Each painting represented an aspect of his confronting his feelings and reactions to his status as a man in today’s society.
I feel the show reflects issues in the “Man Up” series on ABC2 which is being shown during October for Mental Health Month. For example, the metaphor for the ‘mask’ shown here, and this could apply to women as well in my opinion, is the second in his sequence.

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