Neighbourhood Watch (Rochdale Theatre)

Neighbourhood Watch Catherine (Adrienne Megan Lester) and Ana (Melanie Doriean)

Neighbourhood Watch Catherine (Adrienne Megan Lester) and Ana (Melanie Doriean)

Neighbourhood Watch (Rochdale Theatre) is brought to you by the Lismore Theatre Company.
Knowing our neighbours is recognised as part of being a strong, safe and resilient community but often in our suburbs, neighbours remain strangers.

In Neighbourhood Watch, an Australian play by Lally Katz that has its debut in 2011, two neighbours in a suburban street connect despite their vastly different life experiences. Neighbourhood Watch is a comedy/drama about life, death and what unlikely friendships can teach us.

Ana, an elderly Hungarian-Australian widow befriends Catherine, a young would-be actor who lives on the opposite side of Mary Street.

The role of Ana has been played by Robyn Nevin and Miriam Margolyes. In this production, Melanie Doriean is Ana and Adrienne Megan Lester plays Catherine.
The ensemble cast features many regulars from Lismore Theatre Company and several newcomers- and Bella, the dog.

Director Daniel Sassi, a local thespian and drama teacher, said ‘I selected this play which is on the HSC curriculum for LTC to give local students an opportunity to see a script brought to life from the page to the stage.’

‘I think it’s important to bring a sense of multiculturalism to the community. This is also a fantastic opportunity to work with local people who are passionate about theatre.’ Daniel said.

‘In past productions of Neighbourhood Watch, there has been a maximum of seven actors, many playing multiple roles but I’ve been more liberal so we have 12 actors. The play is about a neighbourhood and I wanted to reflect that on stage.’

Schools across the region have already booked out the three school matinees and there is one evening show specifically for schools. There are six shows for the general public from May 28-June 6.

Bookings for Neighbourhood Watch at the Rochdale Theatre are available at
Or ($25/$20)

Jenny Dowell Publicity Officer 0402651394
Daniel Sassi, Director 0428682953

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