Running up a Dress

Charlotte Unsworth and Jill McCall in CovidSafe rehearsal

Charlotte Unsworth and Jill McCall in CovidSafe rehearsal

Lismore Theatre Company is pleased to announce its next show, Running Up a Dress. Written in 1986, Running up a Dress, is a play about mothers and daughters, a relationship that shapes young women.

The play, written by Suzanne Spunner, originally intended to be performed by two actors, will feature an ensemble cast.

‘This production will see 10 women playing 30 different roles,’ said Director Sharon Brodie who is also President of LTC.

The play uses the language of sewing to explore the complex relationship between mothers and daughters. Suzanne Spunner used a series of interviews to create poetic and moving vignettes that explore the complexity of these relationships. The multi-layered, multi-charactered, short scenes across the decades, create women’s experiences and perspectives as a dress is constructed.

The 10 monologues explore the experience of growing up and being shaped by mothers and how daughters create their mothers too.

‘I enjoyed studying this wonderful Australian play at university and as a mother and a daughter I wanted to share these stories with others’, said Sharon. ’Hopefully my mother will be proud,’ she added.

Sharon is excited to be working with choreographer, Deborah Ryan-Mills. Sharon and Deborah bring movement and energy to accompany the powerful dialogue of the play and in doing so, create a unique theatrical experience.

‘The local women aged 18-65 who makes up the cast are equally excited to bring these stories to life on the stage,’ said Sharon.

Some of the actors are very experienced and will be well known to LTC audiences, while others are performing for the first time at Rochdale Theatre.

Running Up a Dress runs for six shows from September 10-19. Bookings are open at ($25/$20)

Enquiries Sharon Brodie 0423308063

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