the scribble technique

The Scribble Technique: can artist’s block be unblocked using art therapy?
Liz Dowling’s thesis explores artist’s block with her research project using this art therapy technique.

scribble drawing

Scribble drawing number one

The resistant processes in “artist’s block” were explored in a heuristic study using the Scribble
Technique as a method of reconnecting an artist to their creativity. Suppressed unconscious
experiences contributed to blocking. Connection to a deeper self-awareness led to unblocking.
Images developed from 20 scribble drawings created a narrative in which a pattern of
self-defeating behaviour was exposed. The Gestalt technique of confronting the inner critic was
used to change the pattern through a process of acceptance, resulting in reconnection with the
creative process. The Scribble Technique was found to be valuable in unblocking artist’s block.
Key Words: scribble, block, resistance, Gestalt, unconscious.

The scribble technique – research thesis by Liz Dowling


Liz is an art therapist and professional artist experienced in the areas of mental health, disability and community art. She is enthusiastic about bringing together artists and expressive therapists in promoting wellbeing in the community and proud to be President of NRAHW. She has a Degree in Graphic Design, Masters in Mental Health (Art Therapy) and Diploma in Diversional Therapy. Contact Liz 0421 974 703

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