Witches Abroad

Lismore Theatre Company’s next production is Witches Abroad, the stage adaptation by Renoir (Henri Rennie) of Terry Pratchett’s book of the same name from his 41 book Discworld series. The production will run for seven performances from Oct 11-20 at Rochdale Theatre including two Sunday matinees.

Witches Abroad

Discworld runs on magic rather than science and is full of surprises. In Witches Abroad, three county witches reluctantly take on the role of collective Godmother to a kitchen maid in far off Genua. Their task is to stop her marrying the Prince, who is not at all what he seems, and end the tyranny of the Other Godmother. But first they must get to Genua- an adventure in itself.

The Director of this production is the writer of the stage adaption, Henri Rennie assisted by Dave Montague-Elliott. Henri has been a fan of Pratchett’s Discworld novels since their earliest appearance and credits them as inspiring his own work as an author. Sir Terry suggested Henri might look at adapting the iconic books for the stage and Henri has revelled in the challenge.

Witches Abroad has been performed to enthusiastic audiences in Australia and the UK. Sharing the late Sir Terry’s great fondness for close knit communities, Henri is delighted to now bring the show to Lismore..

The producers of the show are LTC President Sharon Brodie and Meredith Yardley.

Witches Abroad features a cast of 20 actors ranging in age from 17 to 60, many playing multiple characters, and will appeal to a wide audience not just those familiar with Pratchett’s works.

Key roles are played by Shae Salmon as Granny Weatherwax, Sharon Forbes as Nanny Ogg and Kashmir Miller as Magrat Garlick. Producer Sharon Brodie says ‘Kashmir is Shae’s daughter in the real world which brings a great dynamic to the stage’.

Sir Terry Pratchett was the UK’s best selling author in the 90s and beyond with more than 85 million books sold. He died in 2015.

Patrons keen to see this new show are advised to book online at www.lismoretheatrecompany.org.au as previous shows this year have generally sold out with no tickets available at the door.

PS LTC is calling on interested children and teens for its end-of-year pantomime Puss in Thongs. Auditions will be held on Saturday September 21 at Rochdale Theatre. Please contact Kylie on 0458474149 for details.


Content provided by  Dr Jenny Dowell OAM JP
(Honorary Doctor of Southern Cross University)
Mayoral Mentor LGNSW


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