U3A Art Appreciation – with Liz Dowling, art therapist

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an inspiration for art appreciation class in Ballina

Liz Dowling runs an art appreciation group with Ballina U3A every fortnight during school terms. Her sessions include the history and culture of a specific country expressed in its art, the evolution of art movements, and creating artwork for more understanding regarding art.
The observer is part of the artist’s conversation and therefore should be aware of any reaction as a personal resonance with the artwork, exposing information about yourself.

U3A workshop Ballina

The group has been running for two years and has recreated the Jackson Pollock ‘dance’ to experience his freedom using paint. Members now suggest topics for research and discussion; it is a collaboration, especially since many members have visited overseas landmarks of art.
The sessions are therefore enjoyable, being very active in many ways, exploring and connecting information and searching for possibilities where there are blanks.